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antique gold wax

great finish on modern finishes.

Magical Pure Gold from Gilboy's

A 5 star review for a 5 star product. Seriously, extremely happy with the results I got using pure gold on our solid Canadian Maple bench tops. Simon Gilboy gave me the head's up, a little goes a long way. The packaging was fabulous, quite important when it is travelling half way around the world to Australia. Super product, highly recommended. Great service and quick response time given via FB page when asking product questions, again, thank you Simon.


Works very well bringing some life back into my 400 year old chair! Thank you

Waxing kit

Items received very quickly. It smells lovely, easy to use and brings a subtle to wood

antique gold
Antique Gold

Amazing product, was ready to throw away my oak coffee table, it had gone white with wear. However, I followed instructions and hence, I had a new looking table. Would advise anyone to try . You get what you pay for. It seems expensive at first glance but how much would a new piece of furniture cost.x

Cabinet renewed.

I’m very pleased with the transformation achieved on my battered corner cupboard.Gorgeous colour and lustre. Thanks so much. JMH

Gilboy beeswax is an excellent product

I purchased this product directly from the Gilboy website. As soon as I received the package, I realized the extraordinary quality of the service. The Gilboy company works very seriously and takes care of its customers. I'm glad I made this purchase. I have already started using bees on a series of antique family furniture. The effect on wood after applying Gilboy wax is astonishing. Words are not enough to thank this company. Soon I will make new orders. Adriano Ferrari

Walnut table

Very fast loved the way it was laid out and the personal message.I used it today and was really impressed with how my Mothers Walnut table came up.It I Iwas given to me by my mum,it was the first thing she bought with her first wage packet.The table is 82 years old now and was looking sad so thanks to your excellent product it's given it a new lease of life.


Excellent product ...great service and lovely pakaging....has transformed my hall table...well done team Gilboy!

Natural Polish

Gilboy's bees wax polish has brought my large Brittany table back to life. Highly recommended. John

Gilboys Gold

I have followed the on line tuition and have applied 2 coats and am very pleased with the results so far.

Wax polisher convert

Until I bought my first Gilboys Antique Gold I had been guilty of using the usual spray polish that covered anything from glass, plastic, metal to wood, but on inheriting a couple of old chairs that belonged to my grandparents I decided to Google what best to do to revive them because they were in a bit of a state after decades of neglect from an uncle who had recently died and he had inherited them. One of the searches came up with the Gilboys website and also a video which I watched and was highly impressed so I thought I would give it a go, nothing ventured nothing gained, plus the feedback from customers was extremely good. I received my tub of Gilboys Antique Gold together with the wire wool and cloths last week and I started work on the chairs this weekend, giving 24 hours between waxing and buffing. I must say I am extremely happy and impressed with the results with really not a lot of elbow grease needed. The chairs look great even though this is their first wax for probably half a century! They had endured having bleached wood with being in the sun, wood that had had paint dripped on it, overly dry wood from being too near an open fire, you name it they had it (apart from woodworm). The finish is lovely and has given the chairs a lovely mellow colour and the rough parts of the wood are now lovely and silky with the wax covering. I love it. Please don't change anything - your great! Thanks

I love the product, and the company, I definitely won't be using spray polish again.

Good Results

So far so good. Easier to apply than others I have used. Made a definite difference to a dark walnut set of tables that have been looking less than their best for some time.

Gilboys beeswax

Wonderful presented box. Loved the personal handwritten message. Fabulous product

Usefull for japnned wares

The clip top glass jar is nice but it is over-packed, I would have preferred simpler packaging and a lower price!
I am using the product for polishing japanned trays and other smaller japanned items. It does a pretty good job without discolouring the decorations. Probably a better option for this sort of work than varnish.

Gilboy clock polish

When I purchased this item I thought it was expensive compared to others, but the write up and the recommendations convinced me that you only get what you pay for.As one who does not believe in being penny wise and pound foolish I went for Gilboy's antique gold,I am not at all sorry that I did,the clock was in a sorry state when we started with it but at the end it came up with a gleaming shine and showed the true grain in the woodwork. Highly recommended.


Every thing 5star first class


I am recently retired so I decided to pursue my passion for restoring vintage furniture. After searching the web to find the best products available to give life back to these unloved pieces and I found it in Gilboy's. I have only completed 3 projects so far but the results are so much more than I ever expected. I am only a novice but the results I have been able to achieve could rival that of a professional. If I can get these results with Gilboy's products and online "how to" videos anyone can.

Hi Frances. Thank you for your very kind review. We continue to make our polish fresh almost weekly in the workshop and strive to make it the best we possibly can. Thank you.
Pure Gold

Promptly delivered and beautifully packaged with a nice personal touch. Have so far only waxed a small table but with excellent results. Will certainly be coming back for a refill.

Hi Terry. All of us in the workshop are very pleased to hear you are achieving great results. for your very kind review. Best Wishes Smon
Best polish for unbeatable shine

I just love this polish. It’s made my furniture look absolutely amazing.

Hi Patricia. Thank you for your review. We really appreciate it when we get feedback for our polish. We just need to spread the word. Many thanks. Simon

I used Gilboy's Rose Gold on a hope chest my Great-Grandfather made in 1907 for my Grandmother. Over the years very little care had been given this piece, only an occasional wipe with Pledge. A single application of Gilboy's and the wood is glowing with a depth of color that took my breath away. I am now on a mission to restore the beauty to all Grandmother's furnishings.

Hi Frances. Thank you for your very kind review. We have spent so much time in the workshop developing Gilboy's Gold for exactly the reasons you have shown us. I hope you continue to enjoy seeing the results on the polish on your great grandparents furniture. We have made your recently ordered 1lt tins fresh in the workshop this week. They should be with you shortly. Please do contact us if you would like any advice. We are here to help. We love seeing your before and after photo's. Isn't satisfying when you see the results of using a really good polish. Thank you Frances. Kind regards Simon Gilboy
Great wax polish.

Absolutely great! It has transformed my oak coffer and it’s so good to know that only top quality natural ingredients are used. Smells lovely too!

Hi Anna. Thank you so much for your review. Antique gold is the perfect match for period oak coffers. A top tip would be to use a shoe brush to apply in the carved relief areas. I hope you continue to get great results. Kind regards Simon Gilboy
pure gold
Your Violin Needs This!

I'm a violin player and that means that I need to double check before I put anything on my over-a-thousand dollar instrument. Usually I'd settle for no polish of any kind to my instrument but in this case, the violin was in need of a yearly touch up. The polish itself was hands-down the best smelling polish I've ever smelled. once applied, it does not leave an oily or waxy feel/residue which was a big worry for me being a first time buyer from Gilboy's. The polish is a nice yellow beeswax color and can be easily picked up with a cloth or even your fingers from out of the jar. The end results left me stunned! It was like applying a clear coat on the wood! it gleams and shines so nicely. And again, it doesn't leave any nasty residue left over! The customer service from this company is phenomenal and I was surprised to find that the total for my purchase was less than expected seeing as I like in California. If you have any doubts about them I suggest you research their products further and see if its right for you. If you play violin or any other wooden instrument I highly suggest Gilboy's Gold. You can't go wrong. Heres a link:

Thanks again!

Dear Joctan. Thank you so much for your flattering review. Please accept my apologies for the slight delay in responding to you. I am a new first time parent, so I am having to catch up on our reviews when I get a chance. When we initially developed our polish in the workshop we didn't really consider the wider uses for it outside of furniture. It wasn't until we were approached by the world renowned violinist Malcolm Latchem, he is one of the original founders of The Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields Orchestra. We polished his violin for him at his request and he was genuinely impressed with the result, he even told us; had he still owned his Stradivarius he would commission us to polish it with Gilboy's Gold. Now that the highest praise we could get for such a highly valuable instrument and Violinist. When you first find such a new and unique product it is hard to take that initial leap of faith. It is people like you that make the difference and share your experience and we truly thank you for it. Our passion is for all things that are made from wood and preserving the for the future. It was for this reason we decided to make our own polish. A polish that has the very best ingredients, without any compromise on anything, it was this passion that created Gilboy's Gold. I hope you continue to see its benefits. with kindest regards Simon Gilboy
Gilboys Gold

Excellent product

Thank you Ella. I hope you continue to get great results. Many thanks for taking time to review us again. it's very much appreciated. Best wishes Simon
Soft wire wool

Ordered wax from Gilboys! Unsure of what to use to apply it! Emailed Gilboys! Received link to soft wire wool within 10 minutes! Ordered it! Job done! Ace customer service and a great product! Thanks boys! x

Dear Ella. All us here in the workshop appreciate your comments. (I read every review to our restorers in the workshop so they know how much they are appreciated) I hope you continue to achieve great results. Please do contact us if you would like any further advice. Kind Regards Simon Gilboy
Have not received

Where is this order?

Dear Elizabeth. Thank you for your purchase and your email. I am sorry to hear you haven't started polishing!!. Your parcel was packed and posted when we received the order. We have checked the international tracking number which we emailed to you at the time of purchase. It shows the parcel was delivered by United States Postal Service at your address on the 29th of January at 2:45pm. It may be that other members of the family may have received it and not told you? Hopefully you have found it by now. I hope you do find it and enjoy the seeing the benefits of Gilboys Gold on your furniture. This is the tracking details for your parcel: Tracking Number : LO020105708GB With kindest regards Simon Gilboy
Pure Gold - product Review Feedback

The Pure Gold wax is amazing, my daughter is moving into her first home very soon and she purchased a "pre-loved" antique pine family dining table and chairs, which when new, was bespoke for the original owner. Although the table had a few dents and scratches I followed the video guide, which was excellent and using the Beeswax repair kit the table has come up a treat and brought life back to the table top! I used a combination of all 3 cubes to great effect and my daughter couldn't tell where I had filled in the dents or remember where they had been! Which was very satisfying, as I've never done anything like this before. Following wax application I left it over night and polished the table up the next day, it looks wonderful. The products are fabulous and the attention to detail with the hand gilded Bee on the scratch repair cubes gives that finishing touch, and shows how passionate you are about your products. The Gilboy Beeswax gives you a real sense of putting a little bit of nature back into the wood. What a thoughtful touch to include the Sweet Pea seeds, I will look forward to seeing them grow later in the summer! I will definately be ordering more supplies as I need them, as I'm on the look out for another project to restore back to it's full glory!

Hi Catherine. Thank you so much for taking time to write such a detailed review. Apologies for the delay in responding. I have just become a first time Daddy, so I am catching up on everything from the last two months! It was lovely to read your review. Gilboy's Gold was developed in the workshop by our restorers to do just as you described. All of our waxes including the hand gilded repair cubes are made by us in the workshop. It is lovely to read how others are having the same success with them the same way we do in the workshop. We have recently filmed a few more 'How to' videos which we hope will continue to help others understand the work that goes in to restoring and polishing furniture. And for those wishing to give it a go, an insight in to 'how to do it'. Once again Thank You. Kind regards Simon Gilboy
Gilboys polish is simply the best.

I have collected antique furniture since my childhood as a member of my family was an antiques dealer, and it formed part of my early life. Over the years I have used a number of pure beeswax polishes for maintaining my large collection of furniture. In 2017 I discovered Gilboys polish, and I bought a small amount to test it on a piece of Rosewood furniture that needed to be revived. It immediately left the furniture with a deep natural shine that enhanced the patina of the wood. I have also used Gilboys polish on my large collection of antique bronzes as well, as it also enhances the patina that bronzes develop over time. I have recently purchased a litre tin of the polish which represents very good value for money for such a high quality product.
It is simply the best polish I know, and I have recommended it to my friends many of whom are antiques dealers.

Dear Grenville. Thank you for taking your time to write such a complimentary review. As you are aware we have continued to improve the polish. We are working very closely with Buckfast Abbey where will be demonstrating the polish in the grounds this summer 2018. We also hope to be involved in some way with the BBC Antiques Roadshow that will also be at the Abbey this September. We continue to receive almost daily 5 star reviews for the polish which we hope will help the wider community see what we have developed. Thank you once again Mr Johnson. Your comments and enthusiasm is very much appreciated by all of us here at Gilboy's.

Really worked and rejuvenated what was a dulled finish on an old oak chair.

Hi David. Thank you for your review. I'm glad it worked so well for you. Reviving dulled finishes is one of the many properties we have found works extremely well with Gilboy's gold. I hope you continue to have success with it. Kind Re gards Simon Gilboy
Polishing Kit

The packaging and presentation of your Polishing Kit was amazing, so professional and classy. As far as the product is concerned I still have not had a chance to try it out but will be doing so shortly. Thanks for the opportunity to test this.

Dear Janine Thank you for taking time to write a review. We spent many months designing the packaging for GIlboy's Gold. The main reason we did so was to protect the precious content it holds. We had to ensure that it could be sent around the world and arrive in the same condition it left our workshop in. The upside of such a lengthy design process allowed us to decorate the packaging with our identity. Like you we were over the moon with the results. I hope you have had a chance to use the polish by now. Sorry for the delayed response, I was enjoying being a dad for the first time at the beginning of January. Thank you Simon Gilboy
First polish for dark wood!

For over 35 years i have waxed my traditional Ercol and matching stained furniture but have never been able to purchase a top quality natural, beeswax product that is dedicated to the darker furniture. Ercol themselves only made a natural colour beeswax which has been unavailable for years. I intend to keep using this product henceforth and keep my wood furniture in tip top condition.
Product was well wrapped during delivery and the presentation box and its' contents are classy. I am loathe to put it in a cupboard!!
Well researched.

Hi Denise. Thank you for your kind review of our polish. We have been restoring and re-polishing Ercol furniture in the workshop for nearly 25 years. Antique Gold is the perfect accompaniment for it, especially for Ercol that is a few years old. Hopefully our bespoke designed packaging reflects its contents and protects it form any harm. Thank you once again, I hope you continue to achieve great results . Kind regards. Simon Gilboy
Lovely product.

If you have any nice wood furniture then these polishes are a must.

Hi Angela Thank you for your very kind words. We agree with you. Wax polish is the crowning glory for furniture something we feel has been made to a very poor standard for a long time by many main suppliers who are also using very cheap and inappropriate ingredients. Thank you once again Simon
Excellent product

Very good with excellent customer service!

Hi Emma. Thank you for your review. We developed Antique Gold to replace the over dark polishes that were suing in the workshop. Again we developed our own colour to suit the furniture we were restoring in the workshop. We think it perfectly compliments almost all finishes and species of wood. Kind regards Simon
rose gold
Excellent service

Excellent service and so far a very good product. Easy to apply and not as dark as some of the coloured waxes on the market. Good all round reviver for wood! Would recommend and repurchase.

Thank you for your very kind review. One of the many reasons we wanted to make our own polish was because of the over strong stains we found in the polishes we were using in the workshop. Rose Gold has our own subtle old brown mahogany colour in it which we think suits a whole range of wood finishes and is great at reviving tired antique and vintage furniture. I hope you continue to get great results. Kind regards Simon
Quality item

Excellent quality product. Packaging a bit over the top. Could reduce the price by a least £5 if just boxed in ordinary wrapping.

Hi Ian. Thank you for taking time to write a review for us. We are very happy to read you like our rose gold polish. Our new bespoke packaging has been specifically designed to ensure we can post our glass jars around the world with the assurance it will arrive in the same condition it left our workshop. It did take us months to develop it with a local packaging company, this also allowed us to add our own logo and identity. The unexpected additional bonus was it is now cheaper than the American off-the-shelf packaging we were previously having to use. I hope you continue to get great results with our polish. Kindest regards Simon Gilboy.
First buff then dust

I have been using these clothes to bring my furniture up to a fine standard and getting better the more I use my Gilboys products and instructions. I find that as they are then imbued with the wonderful polish that when used to dust enhance that also. I love them, so soft even used them on mirrors...lovely, thanks to Gilboys for sharing their professional products with the public and at a nice price.

Hi Catherine. Thank you for your kind comments. Many of our restoration customers would ask us where to get the best polishing cloth, we were always giving them ours, so we thought the best way to compliment our polish would be to sell it alongside Gilboy's Gold. Thank you once again. Kind regards Simon
Professional ingredient

Having found the power of Gilboys gold this wire wool is the way I was advised by Gilboys to apply it. The effect is astounding and I am so happy to have professional quality and now the knowledge, generously shared, to achieve a professional finish to my furniture at home. Thanks Gilboys

Dear Catherine. Thank you for your very kind review. When I was apprenticed in the mid 80's I was told by my mentor to always keep the secrets of polishing close to my chest. I think this so very wrong, The more people can learn and do it for themselves, is for the better. Many thanks once again. Simon Gilboy
Rose gold polish

This is certainly the best wood polish I have ever used. Superb quality, furniture comes up brilliantly. Plus the beeswax in it gives it a wonderful smell. Great customer service too.

Dear Sarah Thank you for your wonderful comments. It is very Kind of you. Simon Gilboy

I have yet to receive your product. Please let me know when it has been shipped. Thanks, Michael

Dear Mr Jefferies. I'm sorry you haven't received your polish yet. Our automated email system is sometimes a little too keen on asking for reviews from our overseas customers. We shall adjust this setting. Your polish was packed and posted just after you placed the order. The tracking details which we have sent to you show it should be delivered today. I will check regularly through the day to make sure. I hope you enjoy using it when you do get it. Kindest Regards Simon Gilboy
rose gold
Fabulous wax

Absolutely brilliant used correctly it brings a beautiful sheen to most furniture,will definitely purchase again.

Thank you Mr Roberts. It really does make a difference by using polish with absolutely no shortcuts on the ingredients. Thank you.
Gilboy`s Gold

I received the polish in its splendid packaging and thought if the polish is as good as the packaging there was great promise. The sweetpeas received immediate attention and I am pleased to report 100% germination, something to look forward to next year. Now the polish. I have a mahogany drop leaf table that I had polished with another antique polish but had found it difficult to use and spread. Your polish was a different story as following you "how to " clip I was able to get a very good result and a great improvement on my previous attempt. I am impressed with the polish and there are other pieces of furniture awaiting treatment.

Hi Geoffrey. Thank you for your in-depth review. We really appreciate it. We have also been growing the sweet peas in the workshop and currently they are around 10 - 15cm tall. I hope you continue to have success with the polish. Plesae do contact us if you would like any help or advice. Our restorers are in the workshop every day. :-)

rose gold

Thank you. I hope your furniture glows with 'rose gold'
Top quality product

This is the best polish that I have ever come across for using on antique mahogany furniture. The results are superb and very long lasting.

Hi Francis. Thank you for your very kind review. You did have us worried when we first saw you had given us one star but your review says it all. :-) Thank You
Excellent product

Excellent service Will make your furniture shine

Hi Sandy. Thank you. I hope your furniture continues to shine. :-)
new life to antique sideboard

nearly finished waxing the carved wood sideboard. very intricately carved so have taken time with it. the cupboard doors I have done are now glowing.super product.

Hi Janette Thank you. It just shows how using the right ingredients really makes a difference. Thank You.

antique gold

Thank you for your 5 star review.
Never Thought I would have to hide my little jars!

I could not be happier with your product. It is bringing new life to my restoration projects. My only problem is that my wife keeps stealing it to do touch-up work on the furniture in the house. She calls them "magic in a jar". At least she enjoys using the wax and has not asked me to do it for her!!!!

Thanks a gain for a fantastic product - Pete

Hi Pete. Your reaction was just the same as ours, after months and months of trials we hit the 'magic' formula and wow! Unfortunately we don't have the marketing power to shout about it so we are reliant on our customers to discover it and hopefully share their experience. Even Elon Musk's 'Tesla' car company are interested in using it! Thank you.
Christmas gift for me!

The box arrived quickly and was very well packed. It;s so lovely it should be a gift for someone else but I just love using this polish. I have antique furniture and this polish is perfect for it. The very fine steel wool and quality cloths are first class. I will sow the sweet pea seeds as they are my favourite flowers. Well done Gilboys!

Thank you Mr Hughes. We love to hear how others enjoy using the polish as much as we do in the workshop. We have sown our sweet peas and placed them on the workshop window. They have already germinated to a height of 10cm!
Bees wax

Have now used all 3 Bees wax polishes and they are superb coupled with the block wax used for filling holes and scratches....wonderful!

Thank you Graham for taking time give a five star review for the polish. It was only last week that we visited the beekeepers at Buckfast Abbey to collect all of this years golden beeswax. I think we may need even more... Thank you.
The Shining

It certainly shines the furniture and you do not need to use a lot . It remains to be seen how long it lasts.

Thank you for taking time to review our polish. We really appreciate the 5 star review for it, I hope it continues to shine for a long time. Kind Regards Simon