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How to Prevent Apple HomePod White Ring Marks

Prevention is better than the cure. If you are placing your Apple Homepod onto a wood surface the best prevention we can recommend is using a very high quality beeswax and carnauba wax polish. The special recipe we have developed over many years in our own furniture restoration workshop maximises the properties of these two natural waxes to create the best natural sacrificial coating for your wood.Apple says that “It can be caused by the oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface.” Our Gilboy’s Gold range of polishes are very easy to apply to all surfaces. It will create a thin barrier to help prevent such chemical reactions and protect against fine scratches, so preserving the finish of...

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What is causing the white ring marks left by the Apple HomePod?

Why is the Apple HomePod leaving white rings? Apple say that it may be a reaction with the silicon and the polish. Here’s what we think it may be: Are the HomePod white rings caused by moisture? For white ring marks to appear on furniture there has to be moisture present. The usual way this happens is when a hot cup or plate is placed on the surface and the heat energy drives  moisture into the surface where it gets trapped leaving a white bloom of water. We see this  as a white ring mark. The same problem often also occurs when flower vases are left directly on the surface where water can either seep through the vase or when...

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Working with Tesla

  Recently we attended the SW Home & Garden show at Exeter westpoint arena. Tim, the chap training the exhibitors was from Tesla Motors and was extremely impressed with the Gilboy’s story and the attention that was given to even the smallest details when creating our product. Back at Tesla, the Gilboy's story continued to play on Tim's mind. There were so many elements in the story that paralleled those of Tesla Motors, he really felt that his own sales teams needed to hear it first hand from Simon. Tim got straight on the phone and asked Simon if he could come up to the UK headquarters and meet the UK sales team on their training day to talk about the Gilboy’s ethos and...

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