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The Best Way to Polish & Protect Your Grandfather Clock

Most people are emotionally attached to a grandfather or longcase clock, far more than that of a chair or table. There's always a story behind a grandfather clock. So naturally you'll want to take the best care of it to ensure it will remain in the best possible condition as it passes through the generations. It's quite common for us to hear that an old grandfather clock has "been in the family for donkey’s years". In this article we're only going to talk about our area of expertise, wood preservation and the outer case, as opposed to the interior workings which is entirely the domain of the horologist.Our first piece of advice is always, before applying polish, to make sure the...

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Restoring a Victorian Windsor Spoon Back Chair

    We were approached earlier this year by one of the fastest growing creative agencies, Original Concept Productions who had been commissioned by Fine Living TV, to make a series of 'idents' for their channel. We met in January and discussed a number of concepts. Their remit was to film a number of different restoration projects from start to finish such as a piece of broken fine china and even an old tapestry. Ours would be the complete restoration of a piece of antique furniture. Fortunately we had a victorian walnut spoon-back open-arm chair that was in very poor condition and was in need of a comprehensive restoration. As the whole process would take about six weeks to complete, the film company would...

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Myrica Wax

If you have a British £2 coin in your person right now, check out the inscription around the edge. It might read "STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS" and is taken from a letter by Isaac Newton to Robert Hooke, in which he describes how his work was built on the knowledge of those that had gone before him. "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Newton was Warden and later Master of the Royal Mint. You might be asking what this has to do with Myrica wax and the picture of some strange berry. Well, in our line of work (antique furniture restoration), Newton's giants would be the ancient luthiers and furniture makers...

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