Gilboy's pure beeswax furniture polish (1 litre tin)
Gilboy's rose beeswax furniture polish (1 litre tin)
Gilboy's antique beeswax furniture polish (1 litre tin)
Gilboy's beeswax furniture polish in 1L tins
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Professional Beeswax Wood Polish (1 litre)

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Simply the best beeswax polish for any type of wood. 

Gilboy's beeswax polish is made from triple filtered beeswax sourced direct from the monks at Buckfast Abbey in South Devon.

  • Made in the UK from the highest quality natural waxes to bring out the shine and protect your furniture 
  • 100% natural ingredients
    • The best Dartmoor beeswax
    • The finest carnauba wax
    • Myrica wax from the Andes (read more)
    • Pure pine turpentine
    • No white spirit or petrochemical solvents

Our beeswax furniture polish provides the best protection for the finish of all woods. It is very easy to apply and a little polish goes a very long way. 

We have developed our beeswax furniture polish to such a fine blend that you don't necessarily have to polish again for at least a year and possibly up to three years.  


Pure Gold is a clear beeswax polish ideal for use on Ash, Beech, Maple, Light Oak and PineTo restore the colour of sun-bleached woods we recommend using Rose Gold or Antique Gold* (see note below)

Rose Gold is a medium shade beeswax polish specially formulated for use on Rosewood, Light Mahogany, Cherry, and Honey Oak furniture or similar coloured woods. 

Antique Gold is a dark beeswax polish designed for use on dark and antique woods such as Antique Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Elm or similar dark coloured woods.



The restoration of sun-bleached areas can be achieved with our Rose Gold or Antique Gold polish when it is applied to a surface where the protective finish is dry or in a deteriorated state.  Where the finish is in good order and sealing the surface, the dyes in our polishes will be prevented from being absorbed by the sun bleached area and it will have no effect. We would therefore recommend taking your furniture to a professional restorer who will remove the finish, revive the colour of the wood and then restore the finish once more. You might recommend our professional range of 1L tins of beeswax polishes while you're there!

Customer Reviews

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Polish heaven

A really excellent wax, it does what it says and brings out the full beauty of the wood

Second Purchase

Loved this stuff I bought it twice. This time went for the 1 litre tin. I have inherited several pieces of vintage Ercol furniture all in dark wood. I bought the polishing kit initially to see what difference Gilboys makes. Was so impressed with the first piece I treated I decided to do them all. My polishing arm is going to get a lot of excersise! Service from the guys at Gilboys was first rate. Particularly liked the personal note and sweet pea seeds included in the package.

Thank you Glyn, we love Ercol too. They are pieces of timeless and classic design that never date or show their age. It is furniture that is as relevant and as functional now as it was when it was created in the 1950s and deserves nothing but the very best quality polish on it. I'm very glad you chose to use ours - we won't let you, or Mr Ercolani down. Kindest regards, Simon
Using Gilboy's Pure Gold in my boat

Excellent results so far on the veneered marine ply in my boat - but need to be careful with not doing too much at once - confined space - turpentine fumes and all that.....

Great Product, Great Company

I'm now on my second purchase of Pure Gold after purchasing some to finish an antique oak table and chairs I was restoring. The table and chairs were very rustic pieces and I was hoping Gilboys would provide a natural looking, buttery finish more suited to their character than the high gloss look of varnish. After a lot of polishing and buffing I ended up with exactly the look I was hoping for. I really think this product is amazing. I also have to give a shout-out to Gilboys staff who gave me a ton of helpful advice pre-purchase. They shipped very promptly and sent everything well packaged for the trip to Canada.

Amazing Quality!

Bought the three jar set for a friend who loves restoring wooden furniture. They lived it so much that I ordered this as they've run out of the pure gold wax.

And the sweet peas from last time are growing too!

Thank you!

Excellent product

Easy to apply and gives a lovely finish. That said the turpentine smell gave me a headache after an hour so had to apply outdoors in the end. The table was sanded back 80/120/180 and epoxy / wax filled where necessary and then Gilboy's Pure Gold applied.

Excellent personal service from Gilboy's - would definitely order again.


  1. Use a soft cloth or very fine 0000 wire wool
  2. With gentle pressure spread the polish evenly over the surface in the direction of the grain, being careful not to over apply and avoid any upholstered areas. Once applied the surface area should look matt in appearance
  3. Allow the pure pine turpentine to completely evaporate and the wax to harden
  4. Use a soft buffing cloth to buff the wax to a deep and lustrous shine

Weekly furniture maintenance of removing dust can be done by simply using a slightly damp cloth and drying if needed with a clean dry cloth - beeswax polish will protect the surface for a very long time.

If you have a larger surface like the side of a chest of drawers or the top of a dining table apply the beeswax more evenly by dabbing the surface all over with small amounts of polish then wipe in the direction of the grain to spread the wax evenly.

*Secret Trade Tip:

For carved relief areas such as an antique coffer, you can also apply beeswax furniture polish with a standard shoe polish brush. It makes applying the beeswax much easier and allows the polish to get right into those dusty and hard to reach areas. Buff it the next day with the soft shoe brush.

Your purchase of Gilboy's Gold beeswax furniture polish is accompanied with a small box of sweet-pea seeds for you to plant and grow to provide more nectar for the amazing honey bees.

Hold on to our special reusable packaging and use it again to return your empty jar for a 25% discounted refill.

Gilboys pure gold wax polish being poured