Oil-free Soft Wire Wool

Oil-free Soft Wire Wool


We have found that this '0000' oil-free soft wire/steel wool applies the wax very evenly and easily to the surface of the wood. The wool is very soft to touch and when used with even pressure will allow you to achieve a very professional antique finish. Not only will it apply the wax correctly but it will also remove any surface dirt and dust at the same time, this in turn, in many cases removes the need to clean the surface prior to waxing (as seen in our videos)

It is also very effective when applying wax to turned legs and feet, allowing the wax to reach in and clean old wax and dirt out whilst applying it at the same time. 

We also sometimes use this wire/steel wool to dull a surface prior to waxing and again to dull the finish to a satin finish after waxing. This gives a wonderful satin-waxed look and feel to the finish. It also feels fantastic to touch.

How to apply on flat surfaces..
When using on flat surfaces always apply the wire wool with an open flat hand with even pressure, also ensure when applying again on flat surfaces to move your hand in a straight a line as possible otherwise your arm will naturally arc at the ends creating the same arc in the finish. Please be aware that wire wool is a light abrasive and will leave very very fine scratches on the surface of the finish. We have found that this ‘oil free’ wire / steel wool applies the wax very evenly and easily to the surface of the wood.

Supplied in x1 120cm Length

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Wire wool

I debated whether I should purchase your wire wool or not, having been using using an 'Extra Fine' steel wool grade 0000 obtained from a local bulders merchant. However, I decided to add it to my order for wax as it is the product that you use. A good decision, as I found that your steel wool is significantly finer and softer than what I had been using and I feel much less nervous about using it to apply your wax than the coarser material, although it is nominally the same.

Just right

Using the soft wire wool with my home-made beeswax polish and getting great results. Thanks too for the seeds and the personal touch.

Alison, Thank you. -Simon
Rumaggi of the Desert

Simply, The Best —ne plus ultra.

Thank you Richard, our intention was always that there should be none beyond ;) Kindest regards, Simon