Buffing Cloth

Gilboy's Buffing Cloth


Our polishing cloth has been used by our restorers for the past twenty years. It is used jointly as an application cloth and a buffing cloth. The open weave of this cotton cloth allows the wax to be held in suspension and transferred with graduated pressure to the surface of your furniture. It also makes life a lot easier when it comes to buffing off the wax, achieving an even finish using considerably less elbow power than conventional toweling would do. It also can be used time and time again by just shaking out the cloth.

Supplied in 2x 70cm lengths 


  1. Use a soft cloth or very fine ‘0000’ wire wool - (it’s like cotton wool to the touch) 
  2. With gentle pressure spread the polish evenly over the surface in the direction of the grain, being careful not to over apply and avoid any upholstered areas. Once applied the surface area should look matt in appearance 
  3. Having allowed a few hours or overnight for the pure pine turpentine to slowly evaporate and the polish to harden, use a soft cloth to buff the wax to a deep and lustrous shine. 

Weekly furniture maintenance of removing dust can be done by simply using a slightly damp cloth and drying if needed with a clean dry cloth - beeswax polish will protect the surface for a very long time.

If you have a larger surface like the side of a chest of drawers or the top of a dining table apply the beeswax more evenly by dabbing the surface all over with small amounts of polish then wipe in the direction of the grain to spread the wax evenly.

Every jar of Gilboy's Gold beeswax furniture polish is accompanied with a small box of sweet-pea seeds for you to plant and grow to provide more nectar for the amazing honey bees.

Hold on to our special reusable packaging and use it again to return your empty jar for a 25% discounted refill.

Gilboy's reusable suspension packaging

*Gilboy’s Secret Trade Tip: 

For carved relief areas such as an antique coffer, you can also apply beeswax furniture polish with a standard shoe polish brush. It makes applying the beeswax much easier and allows the polish to get right into those dusty and hard to reach areas. Buff it the next day with the soft shoe brush.