0000 grade wire wool - ultra soft and oil free
0000 grade steel wool is extremely fine and soft
super soft wire wool on wood
applying polish with steel wool
Ultra-Soft Wire Wool - 0000 Grade, Oil-Free

Ultra-Soft Wire Wool - 0000 Grade, Oil-Free


  • Ultra-Soft '0000' Grade Steel Wool
  • Oil-Free
  • 1x120cm length

We have found that this 0000 grade wire wool applies the wax very evenly and easily to the surface of the wood. The wool is very soft to touch and when used with even pressure will allow you to achieve a very professional antique finish. Not only will it apply the wax correctly but it will also remove any surface dirt and dust at the same time, this in turn, in many cases removes the need to clean the surface prior to waxing (as seen in our videos)

It is also very effective when applying wax to turned legs and feet, allowing the wax to reach in and clean old wax and dirt out whilst applying it at the same time. 

We also sometimes use this wire/steel wool to dull a surface prior to waxing and again to dull the finish to a satin finish after waxing. This gives a wonderful satin-waxed look and feel to the finish. It also feels fantastic to touch.

How to apply on flat surfaces..

using wire wool to apply beeswax polish

When using on flat surfaces always apply the wire wool with an open flat hand with even pressure, also ensure when applying again on flat surfaces to move your hand in a straight a line as possible otherwise your arm will naturally arc at the ends creating the same arc in the finish. Please be aware that wire wool is a light abrasive and will leave very very fine scratches on the surface of the finish. We have found that this ‘oil free’ wire / steel wool applies the wax very evenly and easily to the surface of the wood.

Ultra-Soft Wire Wool - 0000 Grade, Oil-Free

Customer Reviews

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Just right for the job

I always use my microfibre cloth for all my cleaning but this buffing cloth is excellent for bringing a lovely sheen to any piece of wood and showing off the grain to perfection.

Just as I hoped

Received my repair cubes very quickly! My son-in-law who is from Wales was shocked. They are just as advertised! Next time I am in England I hope to stop by and pick up some beeswax polish. Many thanks for an excellent product! And I love the videos as well.

Console scratch repair

I made a Stereo Console out of real Cherrywood boards 3/4" stock, and it turned out beautiful, but with a current move to another home it was damaged by the movers. They were very careless, but the repair is coming along with the greatest products on the planet from Gilboy's of the United Kingdom, and I want to thank all of them for sharing their video on this type of repair. I would like to share pictures as well.

Top class

Both the wax and buffing cloths are excellent products, I love the way the wax puts new to wood leaving a beautiful shine and using Gilboys buffing cloths leaves no streaks.
I love the little touches by Gilboys a personal thank you card and the sweet pea seeds which makes you feel like you are a valued customer that goes a long way with me, Than you all at Gilboys

Buffing cloth

Hubby delighted both with transaction and the cloths Also thank you for the seeds 😀

So good I bought it again.

Very good product and the best I have used. I would like to buy it in bigger quantities thought rather than multiples of a relatively small amount.

Hi Fred. Thank you for your very kind review. Please email us with the quantities you would like and we will happily make up a special order for you. Kind regards Simon